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PISA learning pack

Deconstructing PISA-style and sample questions


Module Overview

The module aims to examine the key components that characterise PISA-style assessments. It gives participants first hand experience of responding to PISA assessment material in order that PISA-style questions can be scrutinised/deconstructed, so that the core skills required of learners can be identified.

Module audience

This module is suitable for:
  • Module audience
    Teachers with a basic knowledge of PISA working in secondary schools
  • Module audience
    Teachers working in secondary schools who have undertaken Module 1: An introduction to PISA and the types of assessments used.


The aims of this module are:
  • provide guidance in understanding the key requirements of PISA-style questions
  • experience PISA-style questions from the learners’ perspective.


Colleagues will:
  • review typical PISA questions in reading, science and maths
  • analyse the intention(s) behind a PISA question
  • recognise the core skills needed to successfully answer a PISA question.